Read testimonials about how DiepCFoundation.org has made an impact on the lives of breast cancer survivors.

DiepCjourney Foundation is and was my safe place to go before, during, and after my own breast reconstruction.  The support provided by medical professionals and those who have lived this is incomparable. ~ Carla D.Carla D.

I had a uni-lateral DIEP flap secondary to non-healing radiated skin post bilateral silicone implant reconstruction.  I am a nurse and feel patient education is of utmost importance.  I am thankful DiepCjourney Foundation provides this education for patients about surgical options during such an anxious time. ~ Valerie

DiepCjourney Foundation is a wealth of information that helped me in healing after my bilateral mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap Reconstruction.   ~ Carla B.

Carla B.

Fitting in with the world of breast cancer as a BRCA+ Previvor is not always easy to do. I’ve had the double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction, but not the cancer diagnosis. The DiepCjourney Foundation is a place I have felt warmly welcomed to learn, encourage, and educate others. ~ Katrina



I was so fortunate to discover your Facebook group DiepCjourney Foundation. You were instrumental in helping me navigate the process, discover an exceptional plastic surgeon and gear up for perhaps the biggest decision and surgery of my life! ~ Tamra







Knowledge is power and the information and support I received from the DiepCjourney Foundation turned my fears into hope.  ~ Lindsay