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Welcome to DiepCFoundation!  This is your resource and support for all options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy.  Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or have tested positive for BRCA and are facing mastectomy, you have support here through the Foundation.  Real patients, real stories and evidence based medicine are what you will find to help you make an informed decision when deciding if breast reconstruction is the next step in your own breast cancer journey.

Breast reconstruction is a very personal choice with many steps involved from planning,  finding a successful, board certified plastic surgeon, knowing the risks of the surgery, finding your support through healing,  and moving on with your life after breast cancer.

Not everyone chooses to have breast reconstruction but everyone deserves to be educated on their options.  It is a patient’s right and DiepCjourney Foundation serves to provide that education and support.

DiepCjourney.com blog

Articles from DiepCjourney.com blog, written by Terri Coutee.  A personal account with resources about breast reconstruction.